Post #0 – Starting our blog

As we were working on the launch of our second fund, we started discussing if it would be a good time to start our own blog.

Why another blog?

Others already publish outstanding blogs and original contributions, but does this mean we are aligned with everything that is said in these blogs? No, so we see our blog and each of our posts as another way for anyone to get to know us, what we think is interesting and important, and what we are focusing on.

How are we going to do that?

Our intention is that each blog post will serve as an opportunity to mention and comment on the work and ideas of others that we have found helpful, are worth highlighting and in the process contribute to the distribution of these ideas. We might comment on books, other people’s blog posts or news articles.

When Athos started in 2017, we published our first webpage. We had a section about us and our investment focus. But over time we realised we hadn’t really explained well our focus, and we hadn’t explained much of what we found interesting or our ideas about the challenges of building products and companies. We hope that this blog will help in correcting this.


Some people we follow:


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Samuel Gil – JME:


Frabrice Grinda:

Joel Spolsky:

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